Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Bulgar, Sausage and Feta

One of the things that entertains me the most about dating Brendan is his ridiculous appetite. The boy can EAT. He’s the best taste tester ever, and  I don’t think he’s ever met a meal he didn’t like. As a Colorado guy, he’s used to more meat-based meals, but sometimes I’ll make something totally vegetarian, and healthy too, and I swear he doesn’t even miss a beat. These portabellos have a pretty meaty flavor, anyway, so maybe that was the middle ground? I added some sausage just for a little more substance and flavor, but you can leave this out if you want.

– 4 Portobello mushrooms, cleaned and stemmed
– 3 sausage links, uncooked
– 3 scallions, chopped
– 1/3 c. crumbled feta
– juice of 1 lemon
– 1/4 C. EVOO
– Italian herbs
– 1 cup bulgar
– 2 cups water
– 1 tbsp. EVOO
– 1 tbsp. butter
1. Clean the mushrooms, scrape out the “gills”. Take off the stems and set aside (don’t throw these away).
2. In a bag, marinate the mushrooms with the lemon juice, 1/4 c. EVOO & the Italian herbs for at least an hour.
3. Boil 2 cups of water. Place 1 cup of dry bulgar in a bowl, add the 2 cups boiling water, cover. Let this steam for about 30 minutes.

4. Preheat the oven to 375.
5. While the bulgar is steaming, cook the sausage – take the meat out of the casings and cook this over medium heat, breaking up pieces with a wooden spoon, until it starts to brown. If you’re not using sausage, melt 1 tbsp. EVOO & 1 tbsp. butter over medium heat.
6. Chop the mushroom stems into pieces. Add to the sausage, and cook, or cook by themselves in the butter/EVOO mixture.
7. Cook the mushrooms on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes, just to get them a little soft.
8. In a bowl, combine the cooked bulgar – if all the water hasn’t absorbed, drain it in a colander – the feta, the sausage, chopped mushrooms & scallions. Squeeze some lemon over everything and combine.
9. Stuff mushrooms with this mixture, then return them to the oven.
10. Cook about 5 minutes to warm everything through, then serve and enjoy. We had this with parmesan-roasted cauliflower with thyme – this was a great dinner and an awesome lunch the next day, too.