Merry Christmas

Ugh, I know, I’ve been the worst at writing for the last couple months. 2014 is going to better on every level. If it makes any difference, though, December has been a blast.

The last official party in the Piazza’s basement – great memories of this place!!
Beer pong table as notarized by Steppacher Law Offices 
Dad’s birthday, and Mom’s birthday:
Trips into NYC, where I had an unbelievable dinner at Mario Batali’s Tarry Lodge and did not take one picture of anything but the amazing cheeses and local pears I bought from Bedford Cheese Shop
Hearts in the snow on the drive in to a 4am morning show taping at the hospital with the lovely Jasmine Brooks of WBRE:
Live nativity performance…this was way more elaborate than I was expecting:

Friends & Christmas cocktails. Book Club Christmas party. Walks home in the snow with friends.

I love this season.
MY FRIEND Klob <3 

Christmas singalongs on the prettiest piano I ever saw in real life.

Our family’s Tree Lighting Party – haven’t had a tree go up in flames yet:

And, Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, everybody.

Dad making the Christmas ham with A Christmas Story playing in the background…perfect.