Herbed Butter

Let’s say you started cooking a sauce, then realized you didn’t have any canned tomatoes in the house (ahem), but the butter you were using had basically already started to melt. Do you A. throw it out and keep craving pasta or B. take that melted butter, chop up some basil, and make basil butter C. Make basil butter, then go to the store to get pasta anyway?  I chose C. You can use whatever fresh herbs you like – honestly, if I’d had thyme in the house, I probably would have used that since it’s more versatile – but basil butter looked pretty, smelled awesome and tasted really good, too. This looks way more impressive than it actually is. 


– Softened Butter
– Whatever herbs you want, chopped (make sure these are fresh, not dried)

1. Soften the butter (or in this case, pull it out of a saute pan when it’s half melted) and add to a little bowl.

 2. Chop up whatever herbs you’re using, then add to the butter.
3. Blend well, then let sit for a little while to harden partially.

4. Wrap butter into whatever form you want in parchment paper. Seal the ends of the parchment paper and refrigerate until ready to use.

Detox Herb & Romaine Salad

This is just about the most detoxifyingly delicious salad I can think of. It’s perfect for winter and feeling like it won’t be snowing forever. There’s an equal mix of lettuce and herbs, and a light lemon dressing is, as always, my fav. Thanks for Colly Doll for the recipe – enjoy!

HERB & ROMAINE SALAD (makes as much or as little as you want)
Equal parts:
– Romaine (the freshest you can find)
– Parsley
– Mint
– Green onions
– Dill
– Juice of 1 lemon
– Splash of EVOO
– Good quality Kosher Salt

1. Pull apart (don’t chop, this will be prettier) the herbs into equal amounts.

2. Add everything to a big bowl, then add romaine – torn, if you want.

3. Juice a lemon over the salad, then add EVOO. Top with Kosher salt and gently mix all together.