Brad and I just got back from a week in Hilton Head with my mom and dad, and we had a blast. My parents drove down, and B and I flew to meet them, so we had dinner the first night at The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia. I am obsessed with the architecture in Savannah – it’s just such a cool, beautiful little city. 

I forgot about Southern Cooking, though.  At dinner I ordered what I thought was a simple southern fish dinner.  This is what they brought out:

omg.  I had two bites and then looked at Brad all, “I’m sorry. I just can’t.”  Luckily, he is more adventurous than I am, and so we swapped dinners. His duck crepes were delicious!

We had a great time in Hilton Head. Lots of golfing, bike rides, late dinners and cocktails on the patio. It was gorgeous weather the entire time, and I got to spend some serious QT with three of my most favorite people in the world.  How do you do better than that??
My parents, who are the cutest. Don’t let my mom’s diminutive size fool you. Apparently she’s a ringer (and a  serious trash-talker, at that) when it comes to the game cornhole, who knew!
Hilton Head Island
No trip would be complete for BAF without some lox.


Fried Green Tomato “BLT”