Sauteed Zucchini Ribbons with Shallots & Garlic

I’m really looking forward to zucchini season coming around again.  I use it in so many recipes that it makes me sad to see the miniature little organic zucchinis that are available this time of year.  That said, grab a bunch of them, because this is one of the tastiest, most delicate side dishes you can make.

– 5 small or 3 large zucchini
– 2 shallots, sliced into thin moons
– 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
– 1 Tbsp. butter
– Kosher salt & freshly ground black pepper to taste

1. Wash the zucchini, then peel it.  Even though the skin will be removed, they’ve still grown in the ground and are dirty – so wash them to get rid of anything that’s lingering. With a vegetable peeler, remove the outside layer of the zucchini – the greenest part – and discard.  Then, continue to peel the zucchini into ribbons until you get to the seeds in the middle.  Throw away the “core” of the zucchini, and set aside the ribbons.

2. In a large saute pan, melt the butter over medium heat.  When melted, add the garlic and shallots, and saute, stirring frequently, approx. 3 minutes.

3. Add the zucchini, then saute until wilted and beginning to color, approx. 5-7 minutes.  If too much brown starts to appear on the bottom of the pan, add 1 tbsp. of water and scrape the bottom of the pan to remove the brown bits and incorporate them back into the zucchini. Add kosher salt & pepper to taste at the end, so that the zucchini gains some color and doesn’t “sweat” as much.

4. Serve alongside your favorite “main” – I love this with steak, but it works with just about anything.

Wine Dinner


I love dinner parties. I love wine. I love combining these things, especially when my parents host, because my mom could out-Martha-Stewart entertaining. She makes everything beautiful.

Grand Vin Chateau Latour, 1985

My parents’ friends Chris and Theresa are unbelievable wine connoisseurs. They have a wine cellar that I probably wouldn’t leave – like, ever – but I was so happy to be a part of this wine dinner last night, to which they brought all the wine we were lucky enough to have. Our wine “sommeliers” were so much fun – Chris was so knowledgeable, and we were all so curious to know all about the wines he’d selected specifically for the dinner. Among the highlights:

Krug Brut, 1995, 2 bottles brought to the party under the guise of celebrating Brad’s and my engagement. To which we toasted, enthusiastically and repeatedly!
E. Guigal Cote-Rotie La Mouline, 1986

Chateau d’Yquem-lur Saluces, 1988 and Rserva Velha Barbetto Madiera, 1910!!! They decanted this for 3 days before bringing it to the party. Unreal.

My dad made my/my sister’s favorite dish, filet mignon with a shallot and merlot reduction, mashed potatoes, and zucchini ribbons. 

scrumptious city.

We had a great night with a lot of laughs, and actually learned a bunch about the wines, the flavor notes, and how they were meant to be paired. At the end of the evening, my parents brought Brad and me a little cake to celebrate us officially being within a year of our wedding! We’re saving it in the freezer for our 1 year anniversary…they are too cute.