So….this happened.

Those bones definitely aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Last week, Brad had a bad fall and shattered his fibula, broke his tibia, and fractured a couple bones in his left foot. Considering his fall, he is really lucky it wasn’t much worse, but it’s been a rough couple of days for us both. I had no idea that a break like this could involve so much. He’s in an external fixator until his swelling goes down enough for his next surgery to install plates/pins to stabilize his breaks, and is just uncomfortable, frustrated, and in a lot of pain. I have not been cooking – at all, and I’m really starting to miss it – but we’ve been having some great food thanks to my parents and my sister, who have brought us dinners from Casa BellaPoshAV, What the Fork, and Osaka. And, of course, Zummo’s, where I’ve gone for takeout lunch and coffees every single day. Brad and I have been really lucky to have amazing support from our friends and families during this – just want to say thank you, to all of you.

B, extremely happy to be going home from the hospital.