How to: get pomegranate seeds out of a pomegranate without making a mess

Pomegranates are awesome and a powerhouse of antioxidants, but if you’ve ever tried to de-seed one, you know how messy they can be. I’ve found that this technique works like a charm, without making your kitchen look like a crime scene with all the red pomegranate juice.


1. Get a pomegranate. They’re usually available in most grocery stores during the winter. They’re so pretty!

2. Fill a bowl with water.

3. Underneath the water, score the pomegranate, then pull the scored sections apart.

4. Working underwater (this keeps everything from being messy) separate the pomegranate seeds from the white “pith” part – they should all fall away pretty easily. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the bowl and the pith is light enough that it’ll float to the surface.

5. Drain the bowl, remove the seeds, and enjoy. Sprinkle them on top of the World’s Greatest Pumpkin Dip, yogurts, salads, or just eat on their own. I love everything about these. 

Merry Christmas

Ugh, I know, I’ve been the worst at writing for the last couple months. 2014 is going to better on every level. If it makes any difference, though, December has been a blast.

The last official party in the Piazza’s basement – great memories of this place!!
Beer pong table as notarized by Steppacher Law Offices 
Dad’s birthday, and Mom’s birthday:
Trips into NYC, where I had an unbelievable dinner at Mario Batali’s Tarry Lodge and did not take one picture of anything but the amazing cheeses and local pears I bought from Bedford Cheese Shop
Hearts in the snow on the drive in to a 4am morning show taping at the hospital with the lovely Jasmine Brooks of WBRE:
Live nativity performance…this was way more elaborate than I was expecting:

Friends & Christmas cocktails. Book Club Christmas party. Walks home in the snow with friends.

I love this season.
MY FRIEND Klob <3 

Christmas singalongs on the prettiest piano I ever saw in real life.

Our family’s Tree Lighting Party – haven’t had a tree go up in flames yet:

And, Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, everybody.

Dad making the Christmas ham with A Christmas Story playing in the background…perfect.