Out With the Old, In With the New

2014 Highlights:

Dad’s retirement. Girls’ Gift Exchange. Cape May winter weekend. Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon. Parade Day Rooftops. Modest Mouse at Ommegang. Otesaga in Cooperstown. Garden parties. Hosting Mother’s Day Brunch. Cape Cod. Biking, hiking, running, flying. Girls’ Lake Weekend. Jazz on the river. Strawberry Picking. Blueberry Picking. Brendan’s first MLB game. Diamond Club seating with the girls. Pittston Tomato Fight. New Apartment. New Car. New hair color. Cohabitation. Brendan meets Abe Lincoln.  Gibbons visit from Colorado. Puerto Rico for EM and Kristina’s wedding. Colorado for Christmas.

IMG_6796IMG_6797  IMG_6800IMG_6799  IMG_6798 IMG_6801IMG_6802IMG_6803 IMG_6804

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, dream-fulfilling year. 2014 was wonderful, but I’m feeling like 2015 is bringing a lot of positive events with her.


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