If You’re Going to San Francisco…

You’re incredibly lucky, whether or not you’re wearing flowers in your hair.

Lots! And lots! Of changes since my last post! I rescued a dog (literally…she came wandering into my backyard in San Antonio), we moved to San Francisco, Joe Biden is president, we went through a global pandemic, and we came out the other side.

I’ve wanted to live in San Francisco since I first visited in my early 20s. Growing up in Pennsylvania, California always seemed so magical. The scenery! The lifestyle! The food! I’m thrilled to confirm, after three months of living here, that all of that is legit, plus a whole list of other perks that I’m doing my best to get to, one by one.

And I’m getting to do all of this because of the most personal growth I’ve ever experienced in my life, which took place in the past two years. It’s crazy to think that it’s been two years and three months since my last drink, which was the impetus for all of it (and it’s been wild to see the sober-curious movement unfold during this time!). At some point, I made a commitment to enjoy every single day of my life as much as possible, and in San Francisco…well, I mean, how could you not.

I’ve spent the past three months in this incredible city doing the following: Eating, exploring, and exercising. This blog originally started as a way for me to document all the fabulous meals I was having, so as a resident of the most delicious city in America, let’s bring that back.

But first, a San Francisco appreciation post for the coolest, most vibrant, and prettiest city in the country.