Went out to Vail to visit Meri, Tim, and Ella. I hadn’t skiied in about ten years, so I took a lesson. This was my view from the lodge at lunch, where I ate a cheeseburger and then went back for a plate of pasta. Skiing is hard work!

we went to Union Trust for dinner, which was incredible. The food actually outdid the space, which upon walking in I thought would be tough to do: I think it used to be a bank. We were so hungry that I completely forgot to take any pictures until the end of the meal.

Creme brulee might be my favorite thing to eat ever.

Back to Best Friends Cafe with Meribell and Matt. I got breakfast pierogie and refused to share with Meribell, who was being stingy with her waffles and organic fruit compote. Meanie. Where is the bread basket?????

I generally think Valentine’s Day is totally overdone, but I’ve had two that were really terrific. One was when I was a little girl, and it was just me and my mom at the house – I’m not sure where my dad and Colly were. There was a huge snowstorm, and my mom and I bundled up and walked over to Januzzi’s, because I’d heard on the radio that they were making heart shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day. We got our pizza and our rose and I had a nice snowy Valentine’s Day with my mom. So this year, I was telling her that story about a week before Valentine’s Day, and she tracked down a heart shaped pizza for me. Sweetest. Mom. Ever.