Monthly Archives: March 2011

This is probably the only green that’s going to make its way into my St. Patrick’s Day…leftovers from an overly-enthusiastic-for-a-Wednesday “takout and wine”. Hibachi stomach is never good.

Went out to Vail to visit Meri, Tim, and Ella. I hadn’t skiied in about ten years, so I took a lesson. This was my view from the lodge at lunch, where I ate a cheeseburger and then went back for a plate of pasta. Skiing is hard work!

All my girlfriends went out for my birthday dinner to AuRants, and Katie was in Disney so she didn’t even have to try the “piglet ossobucco”. I love this place and we had such a fun dinner that I completely forgot to take any pictures. Here’s my to-go salad, aka, “everything I’ve ever wanted”.