Hendrix Cocktail

There is gin, and then there’s Hendrix. It’s fantastic. It’s infused with cucumber, rosewater and tastes unlike any kind of gin you’ve ever had. AND, it comes in the cutest bottle. I can only have like 2 of these, tops, because gin makes me a crazy person, but trust me when I tell you that I 100% enjoy every single sip. Get ready for this to change G&Ts for you for all time.

– 1 part Hendrix gin
– 3 parts simple syrup infused with mint
– 1 part lemon juice
– splash of soda water
– ice cubes
-mint (optional)

1. Make the simple syrup. You can infuse this with a couple of simple mint leaves, which takes this to a whole new level.

2. In a cocktail glass, combine the Hendrix, simple syrup and lemon juice, add a lemon twist and some mint, serve over ice. 

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